Hotel and Conference Venue

    The meeting will be hold in Royal Victoria Hotel. It is located in the scenic Huandao Road and connected with the longest Huangcuo beach bathing place which is known as the "Golden Beach" of Xiamen, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is built according to the platinum five-star hotel standards, overlooking the sea with a strong Spanish architectural style and subtropical gardening landscape for business and resort.

    Lying in the sub-tropical Zone, Xiamen has a maritime climate and congenial, spring-like weather in all four seasons. People can enjoy the bright sunlight, the gentle breezes, lush plants and colourful flowers all year around. Rich in tourism resources, Xiamen has various sightseeing attractions, places of historic interest, and tourist resorts, such as Gulang Islet, Wulao Mountain and Nanputuo Temple, Ten Thousand Rock Botanical Garden, Bailuzhou Recreation Center, hot springs resorts, Jimei scenic spots and other ecological environmental tours outside the island.

Location(marked in Baidu Map)

Views of Conference Venue