The meeting will be hold in Xiamen International Exhibition& Conference Center which is a large modern exhibition hall combined exhibition and conference function with about 150000 m2 area, equipped more than 40 various scale of meeting rooms. It is located in the scenic Roundabout Main Road and facing the sea, very close to the Taiwan’s Big and Little Quemoy Island.
Xiamen-A modern port and tourism city located in the southeast part of China, city above the sea, sea in the city, therefore, Xiamen is known as the Garden on the Sea, it’s also the important MICE city of China which has won the “Top 10 Conference& Exhibition City of China”, ”Top 10 Charming Conference Destination City” and other honorary titles, it’s one of the five economical special zones. It has won the “UN Habitat Award”, “International Garden City”, “International Landscape City”, “National Sanitary City”, “Environmental Protection Model City”, “National Civilized City”, “National Excellent Tourism City” etc.


Rich in tourism resources, Xiamen has various sightseeing attractions, places of historic interest, and tourist resorts, such as Gulang Islet, Wulao Mountain and Nanputuo Temple, Ten Thousand Rock Botanical Garden, Bailuzhou Recreation Center, hot springs resorts, Jimei scenic spots and other ecological environmental tours outside the island.