Professor Liu Xiangyang Institute invited to host the twelft

The twelfth Asian Textile Conference and the 2013 China Textile Conference(The 12th Asian Textile Conference & 2013 China Textile Academic Conference)( will be held in Songjiang in Shanghai in 2013 October 2326 day.

This is the first Chinese mainland Asia Textile Conference held, make thismeeting is successful, showing Chinese textile's strength to the world, to improve the international influence of China in the field of textile, Textile Engineering Society of China (organizers) invited Prof. Liu Xiangyang co hostedthe meeting, Professor Liu Xiangyang will represent the Xiamen University hosted the ATC-12 branch field, the venue of the theme of "fiber and lowdimensional materials". The purpose of this chapter, is the relevant materials in the field, study of the latest achievements and forward, into the textile field, for the development of innovation in textile field, provide the basic support. In this field by virtue of international influence, Professor Liu Xiangyang to the identity of the president invited Western Pacific International Laboratory (Pacific NorthwestNational Laboratory), the United States of America (Tufts University), Tufts University, Georgetown University, Peking University, Tsinghua University(Georgetown University, Donghua University and other well-known university and research institutions in more than 10 experts, and invited presentations, the report also includes a form of oral presentations, poster exhibition, participating experts and scholars who will focus on "the academic theme fiber and low dimensional materials" communication discussion warm.

Asian Textile Conference League Asia Textile Institute (FAPTA) one of the main event, held every 2 years, in the FAPTA member is located has been successfully held 11 sessions. The current FAPTA by the China Textile Engineering Society at University of New South Wales in Australia, China, TaipeiTextile Engineering Institute, Hong Kong Polytech University, India Textile Institute, Iran Amir Kabir University, Korea Institute of industrial fibers, fibers in Japan Society of 8 members.