"Outlook" soft matter research and related fields of the sem

To celebrate the "Xiamen University of bionic and soft matter research institute"in April 6, 2013 inaugurated the establishment, on the afternoon of the same day,Research Institute held a "prospect" soft matter research and related areas ofseminar in meeting two floor one room floor. Invited presentations have Professor, Lu Kunquan from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of physics professor Li Ming; Professor Ma Yuqiang of Nanjing University \ Soochow University; Professor Tang Ruikang of the Zhejiang University andShuai Jianwei of Xiamen University and Professor Zheng Nanfeng. In order to fitthis theme "bionic and soft matter", the seminar was divided into two parts, the first part is mainly about the soft material, chaired by Zheng Lansun of Xiamen University. The second part mainly on the material aspects, especially thebiomimetic materials, chaired by Vice President Professor Ren Lei Xiamen University Institute of materials.

The seminar, Professor Lu Kunquan did a problem to be "soft matter physicsand its development" report. As a senior in soft matter physics researchscholars, with 20 years of research experience of Professor Lu Kunquan. Helooks at the global soft material development, first of all to the internationalprogress in research of soft matter physics made more comprehensive introduction, and then from the aspects of soft matter, analysis, summary of soft matter physics research and development reasons of soft matter researchsome basic problems are discussed in this paper. Finally, Professor Lu put forward some thinking on the development of soft matter research.

Professor Ma Yuqiang is mainly engaged in the research field of soft condensed matter physics physics and chemistry and life science, polymer condensationseveral fronts in non-equilibrium physics, colloid crystal structure, biologicalmembrane and cytoskeletal organization and achieved significant results.Construction unit has movement characteristic life of soft matter, the systemoften occur in energy conversion and dissipation phenomenon. The report firststructure on the life of soft matter and kinetic behavior makes a simple review.Then the use of statistical physics, nonlinear theory and simulation methods,focusing on the physical problems associated with cell of non-equilibrium microstructure, their behavior from different scales were discussed, for examplethere is a behavior of steady state and no steady state collective fluctuation behavior. To further discuss the interaction between the cells and the surrounding nano scale particles.

A biomimetic material, Professor Zheng Nanfeng first made entitled "StructureControl of Inorganic Nanomaterials for Bioapplications" report. Research interests Professor Zheng is mainly based on the development of advanced functional materials and applications, especially in the field of catalysis andbiology. And effect of nano materials in biological systems mission mainly depends on their composition, size, shape and surface properties. The reportshows the research group of Professor Zheng in a recent study of nanometer materials for biological applications to us, especially in the treatment and control of drug photothermal cancer release a series of work done. Pd nano crystalreport firstly introduces the shape controlled synthesis of nanoparticles, whichhave strong absorption and thermal effects in NIR can be used in tumor therapy.Then, Professor Zheng describes self template method for hollow mesoporousnanoparticles were uniform, and the mesoporous nanoparticles used in drug controlled release system.

Professor Tang Ruikang has long been engaged in the research field of biomineralization, reveal the biological crystallization principle and to realize theconstruction of biomimetic materials, at the same time, biomineralizationdevelopment has become an important means of biological function, and achieved a series of important achievements. The biomineralization processgive people a lot of material preparation and functionalization of theenlightenment, for the understanding of the regulation of biological crystallizationcan guide people to realize and biomimetic bone bionic tooth preparation, so as to better achieve the repair of biological hard tissue. At the same time, an important means of biomineralization and composite materials and living life,puts forward the new concept of reported biological function transformation of material technology, and introduces the improved thermal stability of vaccinesusing biomimetic mineralization, the work for the normal vaccine program to provide new ideas.

As the host of Professor Liu Xiangyang, "the leader of bionic and soft matterresearch institute", in the workshop at the end of the design of soft matterfunctional material and the construction of the report. Professor Liu Xiangyang has the rich work experience in biophysics, biomimetic materials, nano technology, soft material, crystal growth, crystal growth, in particular, biologicalmaterials and soft functional materials, to obtain good results. Professor Liu Xiangyang's report at first, use vivid language to us on the soft material,functional material and connect to the network structure and more attention.Compared with the mixed structure and crystal crystal network, has better performance. For example, the crystal structure of amino acids of spider silk,can make the expansion intensity and the amino acid chain between severalorders of magnitude difference. Based on this, Professor Liu Xiangyangintroduced the latest development of kinetics of formation of fibrous network structure to us, and discusses the relationship between structure and properties of biological materials between, and its application in Nano Engineering.


The workshop process, harmonious atmosphere, the students listen to the report of experts. In a question and answer session, the students ask questions,experts on all the issues raised, one one seriously answer.