University of Science and Technology of China professor Yu S

The morning of May 13, 2013, University of Science and Technology of China professor Yu Shuhong paid a visit to our school, and had a discussion withsome teachers exchange in our hospital. The meeting was presided by Vice President Professor Ren Lei Institute of materials. At the forum, Professor Yuhere and the teacher some materials related research hotspot of international,domestic made the exchange, and share their own some experience in doing research and writing aspects. Biological materials professor Liu Xiangyangparticipated in the symposium will graduate cultivation and articles for publication, talking about some of his own experience. The school teachers fortheir research direction, asked a few questions of interest to Professor Yu, theforum atmosphere relaxed. Later, Yu teacher accompanied by Vice PresidentRen Lei, visited the laboratory department of biological materials.

Professor Yu Shuhong is the Hefei National Laboratory for physical sciences at microscale (chips) responsible researcher. And made a number of innovative achievements in the polymer crystallization, biomimetic materials, inorganic synthesis and preparation, inorganic organic composite materials, biomassconversion and preparation of carbon nano materials, and published a series of high quality papers.

(Yang Zhen, Xiamen University of bionic and Soft Matter Research Institute Jiang Yuan)