Professor Qian Yitai at Xiamen University south strong acade

In April 7, 2013, should be invited Materials College of Xiamen University,Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science & Technology China professor Qian Yitai in our library report hall south strong academic lecturestitled "inorganic crystal structure of liquid phase growth, nano structure and mechanism research" report.

The Department thousand person plan expert, Material Institute of Xiamen University professor Liu Xiangyang director of biological materials departmentpresided over the lecture material, Dean of Xiamen University professor Liu Xingjun of Xiamen University awarded to Professor Qian Yitai, south strongacademic lectures Commemorative Plate, material college representativesarrived at the scene to listen to the lectures.


Professor Qian Yitai uphold the relaxed humorous speech style, explain profound theories in simple language from the crystalline growth, one-dimensional nano crystal growth, nano crystalline morphology evolution mechanism, complex nanostructure formation and mechanism of four parts are introduced, and share their "coal stove heating", "12 hours" and other vivid the story, introduced the "to scientific research paper ideas simply to win". In a question and answer session, the teacher to ask questions, Professor Qian Yitaione one to give serious answers.

It is reported, this lecture topic is the focus of the project Qian Yitai will apply for the national science and technology awards.


Character cards:

Professor Qian Yitai, Jiangsu Wuxi people. In 1962 graduated from theDepartment of chemistry of Shandong University. Professor in the Department of chemistry of University of Science & Technology China, vice chairman of theChinese chemical society, Anhui Province Chemical chairman, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences Departmentof chemistry. In 1997 was elected as academician of the Chinese Academy of sciences. In 2005 as director of Academic Committee of Shandong Universitycolloid and interface chemistry of Education Ministry Key laboratory. A majorscientific and technological achievements in 2002 in Anhui province award. In 2008 was elected to the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and (Fellow).

1982-1985, 1989-1990, 1992-1993 respectively in the United States Brown University and Purdue University in catalysis and solid chemistry.

Research of nanometer materials, the development of solvothermal synthesistechnology into an important method of solid state synthesis, the creative development of inorganic synthetic chemistry of organic phase, implementing a series of new organic inorganic reactions, greatly reducing the synthesis temperature non oxide nanocrystalline materials.

The GaN nanocrystals were synthesized at 280 ℃ benzene thermal, which contains high pressure phase of rock salt type GaN phase, "Science" reviewersas "article reported two exciting results......" The article published in "Science",has been cited more than 100 times.

The chemical bonding geometries of reactants keep thinking in the productunder the guidance of Wurtz reaction, respectively, using sodium reduction ofcarbon tetrachloride and HCB prepared diamond and multi wall carbon nanotubes. The article published in "SCIENCE" and "J Am Chem Soc". "The United States of America for diamond chemical and Engineering News" as "straw into gold," the Ministry of education has been selected as the 1998 top ten science and technology news.

A series of one-dimensional nano material made of. Such as CdE nanowireswork published in "Chem. Mater.", was named the ISI Classic Award citation 81-98 years of 47 papers of china.

The 2001 annual National Natural Science Award two and 2000 annual ChineseAcademy of Sciences, natural science prize. Published more than 800 papers,are important international magazine cited more than 5000 times. For the United States to "Handbook of Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology" to write a chapter.

Exploration and new copper oxide superconductor phase research work won the 97 Academy of Natural Science Prize three, 98 years of Anhui province natural science award two and 89 years of natural science, Chinese Academy of Sciences prize two. In international magazine published 71 articles, has been cited 275 times, in the United States of America Nova Publishing House of the"Mercury superconducting material monograph" was invited to write a chapter.

Trained more than 60 outstanding doctoral, 35 people became a full professor, 6people received the national outstanding youth fund, 7 people received CAS scientists, 3 were rated as "Yangtze River scholar".