The opening of bionic and Soft Matter Research Institute

The morning of April 6th, Xiamen University inaugurated the bionic and soft matter research institute. Vice Chancellor professor Jin Nengming, academician of Chinese Academy of science, University of Science and Technology of Chinaprofessor Qian Yitai, academician of Chinese Academy of science, Xiamen University professor Zheng Lansun, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of physics Lu Kunquan, attended the opening ceremony and unveiled the plaque of bionic and soft matter research institute. Material Dean Liu Xingjun presided over the ceremony.

Jin Nengming said in his speech, Xiamen University has always attached great importance to the development of material science, College of materials, hasestablished since 2007, attaches great importance on the biomimetic materials science research and soft material and construction, and has made manyimportant world breakthrough. Establishment will surely bionic and soft matterresearch institute to build the school chemistry, physics, biology and other related discipline advantage, build the bionic and soft matter field, high levelscientific research platform, promote the Xiamen University in the field ofinterdisciplinary collaborative innovation. Hope the research institute can make full use of talent advantage and research advantages, actively undertake major national science and technology projects, more results, and good results, and strive to become the domestic research institute of special, bionic and softmaterial areas important R & D base advantage.

Bionic and soft matter research institute director Liu Xiangyang said, bionic and soft matter research is "originated from nature, return to nature", such as thespider learning, making lighter and stronger materials such as butterfly silk; tolearn, create a new generation of non polluting dyeing technology...... Learn from nature, make our innovation more human environment, and to realize this concept, the integration of many disciplines is essential.


According to introduction, Institute of bionic and soft matter after the establishment of the study will be in accordance with international standards, the introduction of combining culture, further pool in chemistry, physics, biology and other related discipline advantage, promote collaborative innovation of cross discipline; will strengthen domestic and foreign academia industry cooperation and exchanges, enhance the material science at home and abroad the academic influence and competitiveness; will be devoted to training students'basic theory and good engineering research and development ability, meet the great demand of countries in the field of interdisciplinary talents.

In recent years, bionics and soft matter research has become a new field ofinternational received widespread attention to the. Bionics is one of the mainapproaches to the use of new technologies of biological systems, and thebiological community as various technical thought, design principle and the source of innovation. Study of soft matter physics, chemistry, biology acrossthree University Department of physical science, is a bridge leading to the life sciences. A distinctive feature of bionics and soft physics is the study of thediscipline integration, research aims to provide the most reliable, most flexible,efficient, most economical close to the technical system of biological systemsfor mankind, for the benefit of mankind.

The assistant principal, construction director Zhang Jianlin, party secretary Wang Kangping, Professor of materials science and engineering, ChineseAcademy of Sciences Institute of physics Li Ming, Zhejiang University professor Tang Ruikang Ma Yuqiang, Professor of physics at Nanjing University, natongmedical technology group, vice president 's Research Institute Liu Hui Qinattended the opening ceremony.