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Xiamen University of bionic and soft matter research institute and the Department of national "one thousand people plan" expert Professor Liu Xiangyang research group, sincerely invite national thousand person plan expert, youth one thousand people plan expert, Ministry of education, the professor, the foundation funds for distinguished young people join research institute. I will be devoted to science at home and abroad outstanding talent, all kinds of official position to apply for Xiamen University bionic and Soft Matter Research Institute: including professors, associate professors and assistant professors and other talents, the field across the physical, chemical, biological, materials. Focus on molecular biology, physics, materials, nano science and engineering, organic synthesis, etc.. The items as follows:
One, the recruitment conditions and responsibilities:
1, with a doctorate, research on multidisciplinary collaboration experience or potential good; good communication and cooperation ability;
2, the age is in 45 years old the following principle, Professor, associate professor, assistant professor at the age of 40, at the age of 35;
3, in accordance with relevant positions of Xiamen University teacher qualifications;
4, to fulfill their relevant positions of Xiamen University teachers' duty.
Xiamen University teachers' qualifications and post responsibilities as "Xiamen University teacher appointment regulations (Trial)" and the college teachers' qualifications and post responsibilities of details (please query).
Two, employment benefits:
The appointment of the employed teachers. In addition to the teachers enjoy equal treatment of Xiamen University, vice professor and above position or has a doctorate in talent introduction according to position employed to give the corresponding installation fee and monetary subsidies for housing and to provide certain scientific research expenses support. According to the candidates qualifications, salary can be further discussions. Xiamen University has implemented a series of high-level creative talent program, where the selected levels of high-level talent planners, can also obtain more funding. In accordance with the "state", "thousands of people plan for youth one thousand people plan" the conditions for application, Xiamen University will be in accordance with the relevant provisions of actively recommend.
Three, the application materials:
(1) the letter (Chinese or English);
(2) resume (Chinese or English, with photos);
(3) degree, diploma and certificate;
(4) other certificates, proof of participation in the project;
(5) research and academic achievements over the past 5 years; the profile of about 500 words;
(6) three typical pieces of paper;
(7) three international and domestic recommend the contact person;
(8) teaching, research ideas, plans and requirements (Chinese or English).
Four, recruitment procedure:
(1) please apply materials via email to (the theme of "applicant name for Professor Liu Xiangyang research group", the trial eligibility notice for interview.
(2) the registration time from now until the recruitment of suitable candidates.
(3) candidates truthfully fill in personal information, if it is false, the interview or cancel candidate qualifications. Special remind is, recruitment does not charge any fees.
(4) contact: Mr.
Tel: +86-592-2189016
Fax: +86-592-2183937
College of materials, Xiamen University